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Additional Programs

Additional Cancer Programs

The TVAX® approach to immunotherapy is applicable to numerous cancer types.  While brain and kidney cancer represent the company’s most advanced candidates and clinical programs, TVAX also has proof of concept preclinical and human data in breast, colon, lung, melanoma and ovarian cancer.  Furthermore, published literature studies have proven the applicability of the technology to leukemia, as well as pancreatic and prostate cancer. 

Therefore, the company has the potential to develop and advance specific programs for a broad range of other oncology indications.  Further, safety and toxicity studies have been completed for the TVAX platform, allowing the company to move directly into Phase 2 studies for any additional cancer indications.  With this in mind, the company is building a broad oncology product pipeline.

Non-Cancer Therapeutic Targets

TVAX also believes that the applicability of its immunotherapy platform extends beyond cancer.  Preclinical studies have established that the technology is also potentially applicable to infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis.  The basis for this applicability is that, as with cancer, immunity to these diseases and other similar diseases is mediated by T cells. 

TVAX believes it may be possible to induce immunity with a disease specific vaccine, remove and then activate effector T cells from vaccinated patients and use those activated effector T cells to safely and effectively treat patients who have the disease either in an active or quiescent phase.